Summer Preparationifonification

It feels like it’s been a little while since I checked in. I don’t even know where to begin.

I received an email from the CFC. I wasn’t accepted into their Prime Time Television Program again this year. Unlike last year, I was somewhat relieved. I need the next 14 months to grow Dacian out here in Toronto, and 5 months of going to school, not generating income, not growing my company, would be rather taxing on my resources.

I have Jazzy to think about now.

This isn’t to say that I’ve given up on my goal to write for television. Far from it. I breezed through a quick pass of my Boardwalk Empire spec script before sending it off to a reader’s circle this week, that’s hosted by LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto). The reading circled is attended by emerging and accomplished screen writers. We all read each others’ work and provide notes. Notes are what I need to make my spec sing.

If I can get four or five TV scripts under my belt, I’ll be in good position to approach agents. Producers tend not to look at writers very closely if they’re unrepresented, so this will be an important step. It also means I have a lot of work to do.

In the meantime, I’ve sent Dick off to several dozen theatre companies across the English speaking world. There remain several dozen more companies I’ve yet to send it to, and I hope to polish that list off by the end of next week.

Switching topics slightly, I have 69 names in a spreadsheet I’ve been maintaining since June. All of them are either clients, or potential clients. All of them have been the target of repeated follow-up, and ‘staying in touch’ type of emails and phone calls. Never in my career have I been this diligent in staying on top of my marketing efforts. All of them have been impressed with my work, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be working with them in the future.

Growing my potential client list remains a priority.

My personal life has been colourful. I hung out with Frank and Kunle at Rogers Centre on Thursday night. The Roughriders were in town to play the Argonauts. The Riders won of course. There’s a documentary to come from that adventure. Should be up by next week.

I’m leaving for Killbear Provincial Park right away. Gonna spend the weekend camping with Sharon, Jerry, and their friends. It’s been approximately a year since I pitched a tent. I’m looking forward to sitting around a campfire. It’ll be a good opportunity for me to check in with myself. This summer will have much in store for me. Need to make sure I’m prepared to make the most of it.

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