A Phone Call From the Universe

For the first time since the move, I have nothing pressing to address except career stuff. Nothing to do all day except follow-up with potential clients, a bit of editing, and pitching my play to potential theatre companies. No distractions. No pressing logistics. No equipment to return. No beer labour to coax into some heavy lifting. Nothing but gigs to line up.

Naturally I began my morning with some serious procrastination. My backgammon rating is hovering around 1880 and I want to crack 1900 for the first time ever (which would put me in the top 3% of players on FIBS). I also found it extremely urgent to read the latest on news about the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Then there’s facebook. Also my tummy’s rumbling.

[the phone rings. several minutes pass.]

That was John. He wants me to shoot something tomorrow – a gig that just dropped in my lap. Guess that’s the universe speaking loud and clear.

My rating dropped to 1870 after three games (all losses). Facebook was disappointing. The only thing new to learn about the Roughriders was actually nothing. It’s all been said and done. They play tonight. I predict a win.

I have my eyes on a pub on Queen Street East. It’s where I plan to take in the Rider game. It will be well earned if I can accomplish what I laid out in that first paragraph.

Here’s to a good day.

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