One Bottle of Beer at Hemmingway’s

It’s a hot Monday here in TO. Pushing 30 degrees celsius. I have in the meantime been pushing $16,000 in grant funding requests out the door from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Board. It was for two projects – Not Being A Dick and Room 31.

I won’t know the results of this effort until sometime in late October. If I get the funding, I’ll be thrilled. If I don’t, I won’t. Other than permitting myself a bit of reflection on my past two days’ efforts, I won’t be giving those applications much thought after this. Out of my hands now. Tomorrow I return to focusing on setting up client meetings.

I’m writing this from a pub on Cumberland called ‘Hemmingway’s’. Seemed like a good place to celebrate the completion of two literary arts applications.

I’m excited to see how I stack up against the competition. Juries are blind. My name is not allowed to appear anywhere in my project description, artist statement, or sample of work. If I am successful, I’m successful on merit, and not on my connections (or lack of connections) to people of influence.

There was a refreshing lack of extraneous art board BS in the application forms. The bulk of both applications consisted of showing my work. In the case of TAC, they wanted to see 20 pages of Dick, and 20 pages of Room 31. OAB wanted to see 40 pages of my manuscript for Room 31. In addition, I needed to tweak my resume and provide an artist statement. It only took me a few hours to compile everything required because, to my pleasant surprise, I’ve already done the work. How convenient!

In other news, I received verbal confirmation from Eric, my NEW landlord, that I can move into the new place on July 1. I’ll feel better once my signature’s on a lease, but his word is good enough for now. Frank and I can begin the process of finding a new tenant for my current place.

What shall I do next?

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon. I have to pay for my beer. Too late in the day to contact potential clients – which is a Tuesday thing anyway. I can do research? Asked it like a question – a suggestion. I can do nothing? Would that be productive?

Perhaps a bit of planning is in order. July 1 is two weeks away. There are some logistics to figure out. Perhaps Ill figure ’em out from The Beaches.

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