The Richest 36 Hours

946664_10151378239926887_1744243639_nIf my life could be as rich and diverse as these last 36 hours, I would never know sorrow.

Let’s begin with my road trip to Barrie on Thursday morning. I met with potential clients, and it looks like we’ll be working together down the road. A great group of ladies who thought my work was pretty super duper alright. Forty-six more just like ’em, and I’ll be well beyond busy.

Upon my return, I drove straight to The Beaches. Parked the car and walked the neighbourhood some. Checked out properties that I saw for rent and concluded that I needed to deepen my search when I got home. I didn’t see anything that moved me.

I didn’t see anything online that moved me either. The thought went through my head as I sat in my apartment in Frank’s building, taking in the space. My 9th floor 2-bedroom apartment in Regina was the only other place I enjoyed living in more than my current address. If I’m going to move and feel good about it, the new digs need to have something ‘special’ in store for me (and Jazzy).

A nap followed all those thinky thoughts.

Twenty-six minutes later, I was walking towards the direction of Carlton Village Community School, an elementary school in my area. Renee asked me to volunteer for their family bbq. I enthusiastically accepted. Not only would I get to spend time with an outstanding human being creature person, but I’d get to contribute somewhat to my community.

We were stationed at the inflatable slide. I took tickets and managed the line-ups while Renee handled the mischief taking place within the structure. We had a system. Hummed along like we were some kind of professional inflatable slide people.


Then it began to rain.

People started to breakout their rain gear and umbrellas. Other people I mean. Renee and I got drenched. It was sunny when I arrived and I assumed there’d be weather cover if the sky opened up. I assumed wrong. Same with Renee.

We carried on like good soldiers (or professional inflatable slide people). Spent another hour helping with the tear down and clean up, then headed back to my place for some dry clothes and the beer in my fridge. Talked the evening away while our garments air-dried.

In hind-sight, I’d have to say the rain was about the best cherry on top that fun sunday that I could ever have ordered up.

Frank knocked on my door after Renee left. He brought beers. We hung out on my couch while he talked about his plans for the evening. An idea then crossed his mind, “Wanna come see Cai.Ro with us?”

He was referring to a local Toronto band who were playing the North by North East Rock Festival. Zillions of bands playing the same zillion amount of venues here in this fabulous city.

“Sure. Why not.”

I saw three bands that night in an intimate club on Queen Street West. My head didn’t hit the pillow until sometime after 3am. What an amazing night!

Today began in my lawn chair out in front of my apartment. Not many more mornings left, where I’ll be doing it quite that way in The Junction. Frank came around the corner and greeted me, “Did you drive us home last night?”


“Okay, good. I couldn’t remember.”

He wheeled his motorcycle out into the sun to dry it off from the previous day’s rain and asked if I could keep an eye on it while I continued my important business of holding down the lawn chair with my ass. I happily obliged.

After my shower, I checked out a site that Renee told me about. The phone rang as I typed the address into my browser. It was mom.

“Holy shit!!!”

“What?” she asked.

I found an apartment that moved me. Steps from the boardwalk. Mom hung up so I could check it out. The phone rang again within a couple of minutes. This time it was Jazzy. I pointed her in the direction of the website and she checked that property out for herself. Thought it was cool to be so close to the water.

She then clicked on another listing, two blocks from her soon-to-be school. Between the two of them, we both felt incredibly good vibrations. I made an appointment to see the latter property later in the afternoon.

I am now writing this from a pub on Queen Street East. Having walked all over the neighbourhood, including an inspired jaunt through the Glen Stewart Ravine in the area, I can say that I’m ready to call this place home. I told my prospective new landlord that I’ll take the place.

Jazzy’s excited. My application needs to go through some scrutiny, but I’m sure everything will check out. Frank (who’s actually my current landlord) is actually down on the application as my 2nd emergency contact.

Cross your fingers for me. Let’s hope this marks the beginning of something special.


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