Laundering My Productivity

The day sort of got away from me yesterday.  I felt it in my brain as I drank my morning coffee.  Couldn’t bring myself to focus on what I wanted to accomplish over the next few hours.  Laundry.  Groceries.  Backgammon.

Nobel and much needed pursuits, but not exactly what I signed up for in my career.  I was thinking of something more in the order of writing, researching, or follow-up with potential clients.  I’ll have to make up for that lack of progress today methinks.  That will make me feel better about myself.

I was downtown on Tuesday.  Meant to be finishing that novel I’ve been reading.  Instead I left my book at home.  Wound up finding the series bible for BSG on an online script database.  I’ve read scripts before.  Dozens of them.  Never seen a series bible though – especially one for a series I’m intimately familiar with.  To say the least, pouring over 59 pages of what makes BSG, BSG – was much better than finishing some half-assed book.

Today has follow-up with potential clients on the plate, along with finishing up some half-assed book.  I may also clip my fingernails – an endevor which could be two or three massive blog entries all on its own.

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