The Community of Frank

Frank hosted a bbq last night.  Donna cooked.  The rest of us living in the house hung out and partook.  Lucia & Lily couldn’t make it.  Didn’t see Greg either.  It was still a good time.

In Regina, I lived in my building downtown for over five years.  Didn’t learn one neighbour’s name.  Here in TO, in this supposed cold, self-centred city, in Franks 10 unit rooming house, we all know each other.

It’s all Frank’s doing too.  It’s not typical for people in Toronto to know their neighbours well either.  He’s the one who brings us all together.  He makes us feel like a community.

My yesterday was reasonably productive.  I completed a demo reel of nominee vignettes I’ve done for different events and awards shows.  I’m targeting event planners in Toronto with this demo.  Today will see more research and follow-up towards this endeavour.

I have to return Jazzy’s books to the library today as well.  I think I’ll use the opportunity to check out a sci-fi novel.  Get a better handle on the genre.  I’ve been studying the craft of story telling intently for the past three years.  I’ve read numerous scripts (some many times over).  Methinks reading a novel might be a good thing to do as well.

Speaking of story telling, I will be attending a short film festival tonight.  I got the tickets last week and wasn’t sure who’d I’d be bringing.  Figured it out though when Frank drove by this morning.  I was outside reading the internet, and he stopped to say hi.

I’m thinking I’m going to head out towards Carlton Cinemas right away.  I’m sure there’s a library nearby, and a coffee shop yet nearbyier.  I figure Frank can meet me out that way tonight, and we can attend from there.

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