Toronto to Myself

I have Toronto all to myself now.  Put Jazzy on a plane last night.  Wasn’t as bittersweet as it had been in times past – I’ll be seeing her again within a month. On the way to the airport, she joked about wanting to miss the plane.  It warmed my heart.

Having her stay with me is completely easy.  There’s never any yelling, or nagging, or frustrations even.  We get just along and get done what needs doing.  Seldom do we even have a plan.

My favourite moments with her are the silent ones, where we just exchange a look, and know with a smile, exactly what the other is thinking.  There have been more than a handful of those.

We went to the Jays’ game Monday night with my friend Renee.  I speak frequently of Jazzy whenever her and I are together, and I was excited for those two to meet.  They talked practically non-stop.  Renee told me afterwards how impressed she was with Jazzy.  The feeling was mutual.

Today feels like a good time to get started on the next big thing.  I wasn’t as productive as I could have been over the passed week, because I didn’t want to squander my precious time with Jazz in town.  I can put my nose down now and get to work.

There are no editing projects in my immediate future, so I’m left with time to set up meetings, and get some writing done.  I’d really like to use this time to make a dent in my novel.  If I work at even half the pace I moved at when I wrote my script in Regina, it will add up to significant progress.

It’s an exciting time to see what I can make of the next 30 days.

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