Jazzy on The Beaches

IMG_2318Yesterday was another amazing day with Jazzy.  We did nothing.  Just walked around The Beaches area of Toronto.  Not a care in the world.  Not a single hurry.  No plan whatsoever.  It was the best way to spend a Sunday.

We’ve both been to The Beaches before, but this time I made a point of walking streets and seeing parks I’ve never seen before.  Expand my familiarity with the place.

It’s funny. The Beaches is a neighbourhood in TO, as distinct and cultural as any other in the city.  Yet this neighbourhood feels like a resort.  People live and work here, just as they do in any other neighbourhood.  The 501 streetcar goes up and down Queen Street, just as it does in other neighbourhoods along Queen Street.

I felt something, walking through its streets, boardwalks, and parks.  Jazzy felt it too.

This is my city.  This is what makes Toronto such an amazing place to live.  I really like living in The Junction.  I enjoy visiting all these incredibly diverse parts of the city.  I enjoy sampling the food.  I enjoy the symphony of languages and cultures I encounter.

Frank texted me around 8pm.  He asked if I wanted to go for a ride in his new Mustang convertible.  His other car was totalled in an accident on Sunday, and he has this loaner until things sort themselves out.  One hour later, we were all cruising along Lakeshore taking in more of the city.  Jazzy took the front seat.

We capped the day by taking in the Stanley Cup Playoffs at my place.  Frank and I drank beer, while Jazzy enjoyed another one of my foot rubs.  Lights went off just after midnight.  As my head hit the pillow, I heard Jazzy shouting up to me, “Dad, today was an awesome day!”

IMG_2340 IMG_2330 IMG_2309


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