Settling Into TO

Three mornings in a row now, I’ve been able to start my day with a coffee in my hand and a view towards the neighbourhood here in TO.  I marvel at how much the place has changed since I left.  It’s green now.  Hot too.  First thing on my list of dos to do was install my air conditioner.

Jazzy and I have meandered through our last couple of days here quite nicely.  When we finally left the house on Tuesday, we headed for Kennsington Market.  Ate lunch at Big Fat Burrito, then went our separate ways.  Three hours, she had to herself wandering the many diverse shops and boutiques.

Lisa and I picked her up at the Library on Bathurst and Dundas West then went for supper.  We all met Frank and his friend Dianna at a place called Pomegranate, where Tahirah works.  It was the first time Frank and I saw each other in over a month.

Everyone got along great, and we all went to Salsa classes afterwards.  Jazzy was my dance partner for the first part of the evening.  I’m not sure how well we did, or how much she enjoyed it, but it was completely unplanned, unexpected, and unquestionably more fun than doing nothing with the rest of our evening.  After dropping Lisa off, Frank and Dianne came over for beers, vodka and a movie (though Jazzy only partook of the later).

Yesterday Jazzy and I hung out in the office of Crucial Pictures, which sounds super impressive, but really looked more like us hanging out on the couch at my place, except it was someone else’s office.  From there we took off for the Distillery District where I taught a photography workshop.  My student and his father were quite enthused, and didn’t want to quit by the time four hours came and went.  It was very satisfying.

Today has me at Images, where I’m making some tweaks to an old project I cut for them.  Jazzy’s on the couch outside the edit suite with her nose in the computer.  No idea how we’ll cap the day, but that suits me fine.  It’s nice to be making things up as we go.

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