Rosetta Mountain Stone

I’m feeling more confident with this script.  Wrote my first scene with Dunn Pernsley (one of the black characters) and it went rather well.  I used the scene I transcribed from a previous episode as a sort of Rosetta Stone – using what he’s said in that scene, as a way to express what I need him to say in my scene.

It helps to be watching previous episodes as I write as well.  The subtle nuances of language are lost as a passive viewer.  I hear them, but I don’t really note them.  Listening specifically for those nuances however, is a whole other experience.  It makes me appreciate the series all the more – and I’m becoming a better writer for it.

I feel the clock ticking.  I have six days to hand this script in, along with the rest of my application.  Hasn’t left me with a lot of time to catch up with friends here in Regina.  Hard deadline.  Makes climbing mountains a lot easier.  Without it, I wouldn’t even have begun.

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