Climbing a Mountain in Familiar Surroundings

Being in Regina for the singular purpose of finishing my script for Boardwalk Empire has been both refreshingly simple and complexingly complicated.  Professionally, I have a mountain to climb, and I need to summit by May 15th or so.  The deadline for the CFC’s Prime Time Television Program is May 17th and I find myself a bit nervous thinking about where I am, and where I need to be with this script.  It’s a big part of my application.  It’s the only think I need to worry about for the next 10 days.

Personally, there are all these people in my life whom I desire to spend time with because I don’t get to see them all that often.  I walk Jazzy to school every morning.  I hang out with her in the evenings and soak up being with my beautiful little girl.  I’ve been spending time in coffee shops with PJ, doing research for the script, and slipping in a bit of talk time.  We’re ex-husband & wife, but we remain best friends.  Mom and Dave are mom and Dave.  I’m sleeping in my old room, and eating from their table.  It’s really great to be home.

I hung out with the guys from the Romanian Syndicate and got myself into our annual hockey pool.  When Benji walked in, he was shocked to see me.  Funny.  I’ve been away for 18 months and it feels like I never left with this bunch.  I’m tracking Shawn & Cheryl down later this weekend and lining up drinks with other friends over the coming days.  So many people to see, in so short a period of time.

It’s Orthodox Easter tonight – the one time of year I go to church.  We have a service that starts at 10pm in candlelight and wraps up two hours later.  Afterwards, we’ll be heading back to mom’s for a meat orgy.  I’ve been fasting since March 18 – no meat or dairy – so I’ve had cabbage rolls on the brain for some time.  Jeff, Benji & Monica are coming over after Church.  It’ll be a late night.

Jazzy has a job working in Nadia’s store.  She’s been there two months now.  I phoned Nads up asking if she wouldn’t mind spending time with Jazzy in the shop for a few hours. She’s one of my most favourite women in the world, and I figured she’d be a great role model for Jazz.  Hanging out in the store, turned into a regular weekend job.  It was more than I could have asked for – and Jazzy loves it!

I’m going to be driving Jazz to work in a few hours.  I figure I’ll hang out for a bit, then plunk myself down at my usual spot in Atlantis to get some serious mountain climbations accomplished.

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