Four Speculative Weeks

I’m spending the weekend housebound while I finish up a number of nominee videos for the 2013 Mayor’s Arts & Business Awards that are taking place on Tuesday in Regina.  I can get one video done per hour – so Sunday afternoon should see me emerging from from the murk, relatively free of this project.  I’m enjoying the work, and I enjoy working with my client even more.  Doing something for a Regina audience, makes me feel rather close to home.

Once this project is wrapped up, I’ll be finishing up a short film I’m editing for my friend Shonna.  Probably another day there to finish.  After that, I’m clearing my slate for the next four weeks.

My entire world is going to be focused on researching and writing a spec script for Boardwalk Empire.  To this end, I need to get my hands on a copy of Season Three.  Only Seasons One and Two are available in Canada.  I’m thinking I’ll make a purchase on my way to Regina through the US.

The deadline to apply for the CFC’s Prime Time Television Program is May 17.  Working backwards from there, I don’t have a lot of time to waste.  I’ll be required to submit a pilot script for my own series idea, a spec script to an existing series, and a number of other odds & ends.  Having spoken to Ian, a writer and graduate of the program, he told me to focus on the spec script.  He’s read the pilot that I’ve already written and thinks it’s great.  No need to write another pilot script – especially within the limited amount of time I have.

In the absence of a Season Three to watch, I’ve purchased, ‘Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City’.  It’s the book Terrence Winter based his series on.  Lots of really great information there.  Story comes from research – and as I previously mentioned, I’ve got a ton of research to do before I can even think about crafting a script.

Also, as previously mentioned, I’ve got a ton of editing to do before I even get to my research.  Might as well get myself started.

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