‘Not Being A Dick’


David is a very nice guy with a talking penis named Richard.  Richard likes Kate.  David LOVES Becky.  Conflict!

Our final rehearsal for Not Being A Dick took place in my apartment last night.  We worked exclusively on the David/Becky scenes.  It really is amazing how a scene can go from feeling flat and lumpy, to flowing and alive, just by marking the beats and driving them.  It took us over 3 hours, and I wound up with goosebumps when Andy & Aubree played their final scene.

We hit the stage at C’est What, in the heart of downtown Toronto, tonight at 7pm.

Downtown Toronto!  My play.  Three years.  What a journey!

I met Courtney four years ago in a Philosophy 100 class at the University of Regina.  My thoughts are very much with her in this moment as I reflect on how this play came to be.  Quite simply, it would never have been written if I hadn’t ever met her.  So much joy.  So much pain.  So much to learn.  So far to grow.

Becky stopped being Courtney shortly after I met Julianne last year.  Writing a play whilst playing with fire is an intoxicating and dangerous mixture.  Becky began to grow into her own person during this time.  Where I was simply unable to turn the screws and put this character through hell, like every good playwright needs to do with his characters, I simply couldn’t because of who she represented.  I couldn’t hurt Courtney.  Things changed when I fused Julianne’s spine with Courtney’s spirit.  Becky truly came into her own.

In the hands of Aubree, who plays Becky, the character has taken on yet another major shift.  Becky now lives and breathes.  She has a voice – a singing voice.  She has a way of holding herself.  She is nothing like Courtney or Julianne.  Aubree gave Becky her smile.

My mind is racing right now through the places and faces that moved me through this period of my life.  Not Being A Dick is more than just a play to me.  It is a vessel that holds many precious memories from the last four years of my life.  Real life with the boring bits removed.  Theatre at its most naked.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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