Rewriting An Unexpected Turn

Looks like Version 10 of Dick is in the works.

We rehearsed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Many discoveries have been made about the play – most of them, unexpected.  The biggest change thus far will be a major rewrite of my penultimate scene (scene 13).  The dialogue will only have to be tweaked, but the setting and the circumstance is completely turned on its head.

In the current version, Becky turns up at David’s apartment to tell him that she loves him, but can’t be with him – and his heart breaks.  In the upcoming rewrite, David shows up at Becky’s apartment unexpectedly.  The conversation takes place in the hallway of her building.  She won’t let him inside because, unbeknownst to him, there’s another guy inside.  He professes his love, and she to him, but it’s just not a good time for her.  The stakes are high because she doesn’t want him to know she has someone over.  She loves him, but can’t/won’t be with him – and his heart shatters into a million pieces.  Becky’s story arc changes, but not too far from where I want her to wind up.  It clarifies her journey.  It also reinforces some of the themes coming out of the story.

Along with the discoveries we’re making together as a company, we’re also getting some rudimentary blocking in.  We all headed down to C’est What for a look at the stage yesterday afternoon.  We had the place to ourselves.  It was practically our own private rehearsal hall.  Came up with a basic set design based on what was already laying around and worked with it.

It felt great.  We’re really doing this.  We’re a company with a script, a venue, and an audience to please.  We’re going to be a little rough around the edges, but we’re going to tell a great story.

Our next rehearsal is Wednesday afternoon.  I need to have a rewrite complete by then.  Let’s see how it holds up.

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