Soft Landing Upon an Unexpected Idea

I gots me an idea!

Woke up with it laying beside me on my mattress, and I was like, “Hello.  Who the hell are you?”  I don’t know where my ideas come from, but this one showed up in the middle of the night, and it’s gonna be a gooder too methinks.

The idea is for the music video.  I’ve been thinking of ways to salt in appearances by Walk Off the Earth into the football sequences, without disrupting the flow.  My idea is to cut out photos of the individual band members, and put them in the scenes next to the football people creatures.  It’ll be a fun kind of ‘Where’s Waldo’ sort of thing.  Not too prominent, but fun for fans of the band.

The video itself is coming along nicely.  I’m passed the 1 minute mark and I’m confident that I can finish it today.  I’d have been further along yesterday, but immediately after I wrote that I have no commitments to see anyone, or plans to go out, the phone rang.

I had a friend’s manuscript and we made plans to meet so I could give it back.  I gave him some notes, made small talk enough to not be rude about wanting to get on with my day – and then I got on with my day.

Three hours later Frank was knocking on my door.  He just wanted to hang out on my couch and enjoy the sun that was beaming in from my west-facing windows.  Then out-of-the-blue, he sold me his shit hot fancy schmancy mattress.  I could pay him whenever, and he could help me move it right then and there.  Seemed like a Saturday kind of thing to do.

Ninety minutes later, I had the old, crappy, mattress out of my place and into his.  His mattress was now set down in my loft bed, and my bedding was in the washing machine downstairs.  Plans were made to go out for a ‘single’ beer, and then I would be able to get back to my editing.

We wound up at an art opening at Ossington and Bloor.  Amazing art was on the walls, a live band was playing, and Frank’s friend Shelly joined us for the fun.  Turns out it was her birthday and so we went down to King and Spadina for another drink.  My head didn’t hit the pillow (upon my new mattress) until 2am.

In general, I’m pretty much at my best when I flow with the unexpected.  Stimulating evening and it only cost me a pint of beer.

And I woke up with a new idea.

Perhaps that’s why it all shook out the way it did.  Had I used my time editing, that I otherwise donated to the pub and art gallery, I’d have been so far deep into my cut, that I’d have been too far along to really implement my idea in an effective way.

Sometimes the Universe speaks softly and we must listen closely to receive its message.  Othertimes it hits us over the head with a mattress, an art opening, and a random stranger’s birthday party.

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