Staying Frosty on A Warm Spring Morning

It’s warm enough today to be sitting outside to enjoy my morning coffee.  Already, I’ve noticed new things about my neighbourhood – like the chick living across the street in her tank top and long black leggings.  Spring has arrived.

I have tentatively cast my entire play.  Won’t make an announcement until the hand shake is confirmed, but I’m excited about the potential of this crew.  Great venue.  Great cast.  Pretty gosh-darned good script.  Find 60 people, and we’ll have a pretty special night.

This means rewrites are in my near future.  Can’t get to rewrites until I finish the music video.  Gotta finish the music video by Sunday.  Dammit, I need a drill sergeant in my life.

I made a dent in the video yesterday, in that I began.  The first 16 seconds are in the timeline, and it’s good.  Better than I expected.  Still photography in 3D space, made to move.  I’ve been working this technique for years now, and yesterday I evolved it into something I never thought of before.  Took some tinkering.  That’s my excuse for only being at the 16 second mark.

Also, I watched Van Halen videos on youtube for three hours last night.

Probably would have made the 30 second mark if I hadn’t done that, but I don’t think it was a complete waste of time.  Sammy’s been a musician and an entrepreneur his whole life.  Set himself up well.  The rest of the band was not so gifted with the business sense.  They still reached icon status, but Eddie raised a black cloud over the band with some of his decisions.  Their latest album with Dave is brilliant by the way.  Do yourself a favour and check out ‘Stay Frosty‘.

I plan to make the 2 minute mark of the video by the end of today.  I have no one coming over, no appointments to meet, and no plans to entertain myself.  The greatest satisfaction will be to put this music video to bed come Sunday.

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