Doing NOT Nothing


Yesterday was a nothing day, in that I did nothing all day.  I suppose I can justify it by saying I didn’t give myself much of a weekend, so I yesterday could qualify as a day off, but I would have felt better about myself if I’d actually made that decision prior to doing nothing all day.  Timing is everything.

Some of the nothing that I did was actually not spent alone.  I met Renee at ‘The Local’ on Roncesvalles for a couple of pints.  We hadn’t seen each other since my table read back in February.  It was important to connect methinks.  When it comes to new(ish) friends, you either use ’em, or lose ’em.

When I got home Frank texted me.  He wanted to go for a beer.  I declined.  He insisted.  My rubber arm relented.  We walked, cutting through a construction site for easy passage to Dundas West & Keele.  There are a couple of bars there that I didn’t know existed, and one that I’ve been to on a previous occasion.  ‘Margarette’s’ is a kind of dive with scraps of furniture cobbled together against the walls.  There was a 1970’s British children’s show being projected onto the wall.  Music was eclectic.  The cliental were sparse, and seemed to match the aesthetic.  It was my kind of place.  Frank paid for a round.

From there we walked into this other place.  Kind of upscale.  We sat at the bar and ordered two Margaritas.  My turn to pay.  We philosophized, mused, talked about relationships, psychology, and stupid human emotions.  It was a sufficient number of topics required to drain our glasses.  We only stayed for that one round.  The 10 minute walk home seemed to be not as cold for some reason.

Actually, I did do one productive thing yesterday.  I cast ‘Kate’ for Dick.  I now have 3 of the 4 roles confirmed.  The cast is solid.  It’ll be a gooder.  Still need a ‘Dick’ for Dick.

Today has a number of things on the plate.  I need to prepare for this weekend’s shoot at the CFL Combines.  I need to make a dent on my next editing project.  I need to send some important emails.  I want to touch base with the band who’s music I want to use for the video.  I need to NOT do nothing.

Just need to begin.

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