Persian New Year

20130321-101327.jpgYesterday began with me picking up Tahirih at her apartment to go shopping for Persian New Year. She texted me at 1am with the idea and I responded around 3am with a simple ‘OK’. At 5:30am, she responded to my response with the details.

It seems she’s been having a rough week, and with this holiday, she felt about a million miles away from home. I know the feeling, having gone through that at Easter last year. I was happy to be on her list of emergency friend contacts in moments of need.

To be honest, I might have gotten as much out of the day as she did. We drove to a Persian strip mall on Yonge Street, north of Shepard. There are a ton of specialty ethnic shops in Toronto, and I’ve always been intimidated to enter one. Can’t read the labels half the time. Don’t know what I’d be buying most of the rest of the time anyway. Wouldn’t even know where to begin. You could say, Tahirih was my tour guide throughout the experience. A little slice of Iran here in TO.

She needed seven items that began with the Farsi letter ‘Ce’ (sp?). One of the items was a fish. We caught it, bagged it, and named it ‘Ceish’. Now we were a threesome, wandering into the different shops. I was worried that if we left Ceish in the car, he/she/it would freeze to death. I’m thinking perhaps we made Ceish’s day as well.

When we got back to Tahirih’s apartment we set about setting up a special New Year’s display called a ‘Haft-Sin’. The seven items (including Ceish) were arranged in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Took some tinkering to get it just right. It seems I have a talent for such things.

The rest of my day went rather slow. My audition was cancelled and so I had the whole rest of the day to slowly meander towards beginning my next editing project. It was a pretty good day.


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