Happy Happenstances Connecting the Good Vibrations

There’s this one particular muscle in my upper right leg, near the front of my hip, that keeps firing independently from everything else I’m doing.  Just starts these rapid spasms while I sit here and take in the morning view out my window.

I look at it and I’m like, “Dude!”

And the muscle doesn’t even respond.  It’s like a squirrel burrowing in your attic, just going about it’s business, completely unaware that it’s disrupting your TV time.  You can try talking to it, but squirrels don’t speak English.

Neither does this particular muscle of mine.

Yesterday was special.  I talked to Courtney yesterday for nearly an hour on the phone.  I phoned her, got her machine and hung up.  Was completely surprised to have her return the call.  It was her birthday.  I could tell from the sound in her voice that she was in a good place.  I sincerely hope she can stay in this good place, this time.

Search her name in this blog, and you’ll gain some idea of what she’s meant to me.  She’s taken me to the highest of heights, and the lowest of depths of emptiness.  Wouldn’t trade a second of it away for anything.  My time with her taught me a lot about myself and the world around me.

Dick is loosely based on the story of her and I.  As I continue to organize this staged reading, the irony that I should find myself unexpectedly talking to her, for so significant a period of time, is not lost on me.

Speaking of strange happenstances, I downloaded the pilot script for Boardwalk Empire last night and began reading it, after watching that episode for the 5th time.  It was actually a photocopy of the draft, that was scanned into PDF format.  On the title page, handwritten at the bottom (perhaps by series creator Terrence Winter himself) was the date of the first draft.

‘April 16, 2008’

My hair stood up.  That’s Jazzy’s birthday!  She’d have been turning nine-years-old that day.  A good omen methinks.

Speaking of good omens, on the day they released their first full length album internationally, I was finally able to connect with the manager of the band who’s music I want to use for the CFL video.  He likes the idea a lot and seemed cool to deal with.  He wants to go through official channels, running my request through their label in Los Angeles, but he implied that something should be able to be worked out.

Good things are happening!  If only this muscle of mine would fall into line.

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