One Month Hence

I’ve got a date!  It’s with my Dick – play.  Ahem.

We’ll be hitting the stage on Sunday, April 14 from 7-10pm at a pub on Front Street called ‘C’est What’.  It’s the venue I wanted, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I took in a concert there a year ago and felt it would be a perfect place to do something in.

On a related note, I auditioned another actress yesterday afternoon and am hoping to schedule a few more auditions in the coming days.  Now that I have a date, everything can move forward.  Best of all, I have time to organize everything, but not too much time.  Sometimes, the enemy of productivity is a deadline that’s so far away, you can’t even see it.

I need to get started on an invite list.  Potential sponsors.  Agents.  Artistic Directors.  Colleagues.  Friends.  Friends of friends.  Directors.  Producers.  As mentioned previously, this is the other great reason to have ‘C’est What’ as my venue.  People can arrive early, enjoy the vibe, have a drink, maybe help themselves to something off the menu, and be sufficiently lubricated for a one-time performance that may well move them more freely than what they would otherwise be inclined towards.

Switching topics, but staying with the creativity vibe, I finished the first season of Boardwalk Empire last night.  My inner voice is beginning to speak to me in a 1920’s New Jersey accent.  I haven’t even begun to sniff at a potential story line for my spec script.  Methinks that will come from doing some serious research on the period.  The show likes to salt in pop-culture references from the times.

Not gonna rush things though.  No point until I reach the end of season 3.  The series has a habit of killing off main characters with regularity.  My grand idea, so meticulously conceived, may wind up being… [trying to think of a 1920’s gangster term here]

[several moments pass]

…alright.  Fuck it.  My point is, I have a lot to learn before I can even begin to play with ideas.  It seems what ever that idea is, I’ll probably be realizing it right around the same time Dick hits the stage.

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