Manifest Journey

I have an actress coming over today to audition for a role in Dick.  I lined up Sharon to read with her and I’m excited because it feels like progress to me.  Once I have a date from my venue, we can dive in – except I’m still short a cast member.  Small detail.  It’ll work itself out.

I actually met up with Sharon at Roncy Bean yesterday.  First time I saw her since early February.  She asked to be an assistant director on Dick and that was the point of our ‘meeting’, but really, we spent 97% of our time just catching up.

We fell into a conversation about ‘manifestation’ – making something happen by using the power of the mind.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  Seems kind of airy-fairy.  At the same time, I believe there’s something to the idea.

Athletes manifest victory before they even take the field.  People set goals for themselves and achieve them.  I look inwards and I can see how I manifested Dacian Productions Inc. into being, 17 years ago.  I manifested PJ and I when we were still in university.

The thing about manifesting anything, is to be careful what you ask of the universe (or God, or whatever).  PJ and I are divorced.  Wouldn’t trade those years for anything.  Dacian and I have been at a career cross-roads for two years now.  Turns out, what I thought I wanted, I didn’t really want – at least in the case of Dacian.

Sharon told me that her partner Jerry, manifested her.  My thoughts turned inwards once more.  I met someone whom I would like to be with.  Could I manifest her into my life?  Doesn’t she get a say in the matter?

Sharon wasn’t sure how to answer that, but she did say that she felt like she had a choice with Jerry.  They’ve been together a few years now, and like any couple, it’s taken some work to get through some challenges.  She told me that if you manifest something, you’d better be prepared for a long hard journey.

Perhaps it’s not enough to manifest something.  One must offer up a commitment to it.  I put the word out this morning.  We shall see what comes of it.

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