The Day I Made Toronto My Home

Yesterday began with me meeting Aubrey for coffee at Roncy Bean.  We discussed making a short film together.  From there we headed off to Tahirah’s place.  She needed help with an audition she was preparing for.  I watched the read, made some notes and observations, and helped Tahirah shape the work into something she could get behind and push.

From there I headed off to the studio to pick up my cheque.  I researched literary grants while I waited.  I also made a phone call to the Toronto Fringe Festival office for some guidance on my staged reading for Dick.  Gonna meet with them in the next few days.  There are a couple of workshops I’ll be attending next week in the theatre community.  Probably, I’ll be handing out more business cards at that time, meeting yet more people.

I’ve been living in Toronto 16 months now.  Yesterday I made it my home.

I mentioned an opportunity to return to Regina for a dream gig in a previous article.  Senior Manager of Video Production for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  I’m passionate about football.  They’d give me my own private sandbox to make football movies in.  I’d be able to see Jazzy everyday.

Today is the deadline to apply.

I’m gonna pass.

I’m listening to my gut on this one.  Forces and circumstances bigger than myself pushed me out this way.  I’m on the cusp of something big out here.  Recent weeks have allowed me to taste just how much Toronto has to offer.  I feel strongly that leaving now will set me back years.  I have unfinished business to finish.

I was driving up Osler street on my way home.  Made the decision at some point between Dupont and the railroad tracks.  Maybe 30 seconds passed.  And there it was, my decision.  That singular moment of clarity.  My gut could not be screaming at me louder. Toronto is my future.



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