My Own Private Time Zone

I can doze off in front of the TV to shit blowing up, and people screaming at each other, but when Robin plays his music in the apartment downstairs at 5am, I wake up and can’t fall asleep again.  Wound up turning on this shitty action series I’ve been watching on Netflix for more shit blowing up and people screaming at each other.  Felt sufficiently tired by 8am to go back to sleep for a couple hours.  Robin was still playing his music.  It took awhile for the heavy eyelids to close completely.

I have decided to operate on Vancouver time here in Toronto today.  I’m going to borrow those three hours I lost this morning from the West Coast and give them back sometime over the weekend.  This way, my day won’t be a complete loss.  Fortunately, I don’t have to be anywhere today, so I can exist in my own private Pacific Time Zone bubble here in my apartment.

I’m currently about half way through all the footage on my editing project.  Got it down to a routine now.  I go a couple hours.  My brain gets bored.  I stop, play a game or something, then get back to looking at footage.  This way my ‘selects’ won’t be glossed over when it comes time to putting ’em down in the timeline.  My goal is to finish this project by Monday.

The staged reading for my play has been on my mind.  I reached out to a connection I have, but haven’t heard back.  I need a space.  I need a cast.  I need a date.  A tech would be nice too.  I have some people in mind for some of my roles, but as for those other things, I’m completely at a loss.  To this end, I’ve decided to drop in on the office of the Toronto Fringe Festival.  They should know people who know people.  This may happen tomorrow.  We’ll see.

The application to the Canadian Film Centre’s ‘Prime Time Television Program’ has been on my mind as well.  It’s always on the back burner, but moves more or less closer to the front when I’m watching previously mentioned shitty action series.  This series won numerous awards, ran for 8 seasons, and sold all over the world – and it’s full of holes!  How about someone hires me to write that crap?

I should mention that I’ve been unable to STOP watching previously mentioned shitty action series, despite all these ‘holes’.

Applying to the CFC involves submitting a pilot script of my own series, as well as submitting a spec script to an existing series.  I was advised to write a spec for an American series – ensuring no one on the jury would be connected to the show.  Sometimes ‘insiders’ on a Canadian series could be rubbed the wrong way by ‘outsiders’ writing specs for their shows.

I have my pilot for Highwaymen, but I think I may swap in Room 31 because it has greater appeal to an international audience.  Room 31 exists primarily as a novel right now, that was adapted from a 30 minute comedy script I wrote previously.  I have enough material to turn it into a one-hour comedy-drama, which is where I’d prefer to working.  The deadline is sometime in May.  I have three months to write two one-hour scripts.

And sort out a staged reading.

And edit stuff.

And fall asleep at a decent hour.

Stay tuned.

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