Staged Readings and Friendships Too

The reading went extremely well.

This was the first mass gathering of humanity in my apartment since I moved in.  Nearly all were people I collected into my life from putting myself out there over the last four months in this amazing city.  Aubry was the only Regina connection at the party, but she might as well be lumped in with the others because I only met her one other time in my life.  Frank was out of town.  My other Saskatchewan connections were otherwise occupied.  I didn’t make a great effort to reach out to those I already knew anyway – kind of accidentally on purpose.

I seem to be moving towards making a life for myself in Toronto.  If I’m going to do that, I need to make my own friends as well – not befriend friend’s of Frank’s, nor people I already know from Saskatchewan, but never really hung out with until moving here.  Nothing wrong with those latter two categories.  Nothing wrong in the least.  It’s just that, until recently, I made almost no effort to create my own friendships in TO out of people I’ve met through my own wanderings.

I was also pleased with the diversity in the room.  Four came from a yoga group I participate in.  Three were actors I crossed paths with through recent wanderings in TO.  Another is a filmmaker whom I met through that DOC thing I went to a couple weeks back. It was great to simply bring them together, feed them, booze them, muse them, and then sit back to watch them relate to each other (and with myself).  This was the most satisfying part of the evening.

There was also my play.

It went over very well with the group.  It was great to hear how well the rewrites work.  The new scene is also strong.  Most of my work went into Act I.  Barely had time to touch Act II before I needed to get ready for the party.  As far as I can tell, there’s only one major hole to fill in Act II, and that’s the final scene.  As mentioned in my previous article, it didn’t become apparent how big that hole was, until I filled those from earlier in the play.

I have decided to create an event that will take place within the next two – three weeks.  I’m going to organize a staged reading.  They say if you want to make a show happen, you book a theatre.  I’m ready for a commitment like that.  Not a big theatre mind you, something smallish.  I want another pass at the script.  I want to cast my actors, and be able to spend 6 – 8 hours with them prior to the reading.  Maybe find some kind of a tech who can run sound and a rudimentary lighting setup.  Charge something nominal like $5 to cover expenses and pay for beers afterwards.   Let’s see how this really feels.

Wow.  I just committed myself to a ton of work.

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