Snow Day

In continuing my recent trend of comparing Regina and Toronto to each other, I’ll say simply that Toronto looks an hellova lot like Regina this morning.  The place is covered in snow – and it’s still coming!

It started yesterday.  I went out walking in it.  Walked all the way down to Roncesvalles for a session of proposal writing at Roncy Bean.  Bean awhile since I’ve done that.  Walk, I mean.

Typo in that last paragraph.  Bet if I wouldn’t have said anything, you’d think I was being super clever.  I’ve decided to leave it stand.

I read once, that the best way to ensure a show goes into production, is to book a theatre. I don’t quite have the budget for a theatre, but I did commit to a table read for next Friday for my play, Not Being A Dick.  It’s been awhile since I touched it, and I think it could use another revision.  I exchanged contact information with some of the actors I met on Wednesday night, and a couple are coming.  I’m also in the process of letting friends know about it too.  As I look at the week ahead, I’m going to have to schedule time with myself to work on the play with myself.

Kind of another pun there.  I’m on a roll.

Today has editing on the plate – all day long.  It’s been a great week of meetings, gatherings, and planting seeds for the future.  It’s now time to focus on immediate needs.  I betcha I can hand this next project in by tomorrow afternoon.

There are no deep philosophical insights, or angsty emotional textualizations about my headspace today.  Keeping it simple today.  Dishes.  Editing.  Groceries.

Maybe I’ll write a poem about it later.  It’ll be punny.

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