The Duality of Being Between Two Places

I found myself in a cozy little bar on Dundas West last night called ‘The Magpie Taproom’.  I wound up sitting next to multi-award winning director/writer Sudz Sutherland.  Everyone in the room was there to take in a bi-monthly event called LIFT OUT LOUD, where two TV pilot scripts are read aloud by professional actors to a room full of writers, actors, producers, filmmakers and other industry types.

The level of experience in that room ranged from student to retired broadcaster.  It cost $5 to get in – and they had pizza!  The whole point of the event was to bring people together.  It was a great atmosphere.  I enjoyed myself.  Gave me much to think about.

Regina on its best day could not offer something like that event.  There are talented artists and accomplished producers, but nothing on the scale of what Toronto has.  An event like LIFT Out Loud would be a giant big deal in Regina.  In Toronto, it’s just a super casual thing to do on a Wednesday night.  No big deal.

I repeat – no big deal.  That is the significant difference between the two cities.  That is why I moved here.  That is the scale of what I can tap into, to realize my ambitions here.

It’s like the city is trying to tell me something.  Hours after writing my previous blog article, I found myself interviewing Brian Williams, the legendary sports journalist.

I interviewed him!

It was for an article the Argonauts asked me to write about the 2013 Ontario Sports Hall of Fame inductees.  I was thrilled!  Honoured!  The article was picked up by Rod Pedersen’s blog as well.  Kind of a big deal.

Later that same day, I made a major step forward with the documentary I’m developing.  I have a verbal agreement to move forward from one of the key players involved.  My next step will be to get that verbal agreement down on paper, then take it to the broadcaster.  This thing could happen soon.

It’s like I’m in the right place, at the right time.  Regina has Jazzy.  Toronto has everything else.  This duality is giving me a lot to think about.

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