Waiting for an Omelette on Queen Street West

I’m sitting in an old-school style diner on Queen Street West.  There’s an old fashioned chocolate milkshake making machine and I’m sitting at the counter on a round stainless steel stool.  It’s a real 50’s vibe.  You could almost smell the ghosts of hamburgers past.

This place specializes in oysters.

I finished cutting my latest project this morning.  I’m sitting down with Luis to review it in half an hour.  I’m hoping I can get through without too many changes.  Took me 35 hours to get it to this point.  The number is comforting.  Some weeks I wake up to a Friday morning and wonder what the hell I did with all my time.  It’s Thursday morning and I know the answer precisely.

-47 degrees celsius in Regina this morning.  My facebook friends are all screaming about the cold.  I felt compelled to provide my own status update on the matter.  “A bit chilly in Toronto this morning.  Had to close the window when I woke up and put on a long-sleeved shirt.  Might have to write a sad angsty poem about it later.”  One friend thought I was serious.

Well, my omelette just arrived.  Gonna wrap this up.  Have an amazing day.

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