Being Frank About my Philosophical Tank

Frank showed up for the workshop yesterday with Dianna.  Two others called at the last minute and asked to join in on the fun.  It was a good time.  Most surprising (and flattering) of all, Frank actually got a lot out of the workshop.  He just bought a DSLR and wanted to learn how to use it.  I know that last sentence seems obvious, but you need to know Frank.

He bought a violin last year and a handful of other things he thought would be cool, but quickly lost interest in.  To be fair, he found the violin in Value Village and thought it would be worth a million bucks because it was a Stratovarius.

I showed up early for the workshop and managed to spend a bit of time with my nose in a book.  It was nice.  I figured out that a big part of the funk I was in, came from the fact that my tank was empty.  One can only sustain himself on his own self-made thoughts for so long before requiring the need to seek out the thinky thoughts of others.

The trick methinks is to augment the tank before it requires attention.  Otherwise one risks a philosophical decline that begins at the extremities and works its way to the core – like how blood retreats to the heart as hypothermia sets in.  You fall asleep and never wake up from that.

I can now hear my edit suite beckoning me.  I paid it no attention yesterday and so today will see me putting another 8 hours or so in with it.  I’m thinking I can split that up a bit.  Maybe take a break at the 4-hour mark to spend some more time in a coffee shop with a book.  That would make for a satisfying day.

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