Painting a Stream of Consciousness

I’m sitting in my lawn chair with my feet up and staring out my window while I let the morning’s thoughts wash over me.  Among them, I haven’t left the apartment for over 24 hours.  Didn’t notice that until just a few moments ago.  Been too busy alternating my time between editing and playing games to take my mind off editing.

I’m teaching a photography workshop later today in the Distillery District, so that should help get me reacquainted with the world.  I’ll be finished around 7:30 and I suspect I won’t be in a mood to head straight home on a Saturday night.  It would be pretty super duper alright if I could manage some facetime with that book I was talking about yesterday.  Perhaps I may even tickle the keyboard towards some writing I haven’t done in a long while.  Better remember to pack the headphones so I can avoid distractions that come with the bustle of a Saturday night in TO.

I just remembered that I invited Frank to tag along tonight.

I guess we’ll see how the evening unfolds.  If he remembers to come, then the night will unfold in a more sociable manner.  Not a bad thing.  Otherwise it’s back to plan ‘A’.

I spoke with Jazzy on the phone yesterday.  Talked with her for a bit then let the conversation taper off.  She phoned me right back after a couple minutes, excited about the youtube link I posted on my facebook page, about the Nerdgasm show I took in on Sunday.  She wanted details.  I provided them.  It seems she knows more about Buffy and Angel than she does about Firefly.  I scolded her, and she mentioned that she’d take a closer look at the series.  Next time I’m in Regina, I plan to walk her class through an episode of Firefly.

As I write this, I can’t help but wish that this article was a little more packed with intellectuality and philosophical insights.  Barring that, a little humour would do as well.  A stream of consciousness came out instead.  Not entirely a bad thing.  Years from now I may look back and see a picture of myself painted with these words.

I wonder where I’ll be when that happens.

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