Transphasic Morning Thoughts

Having sufficiently combed the newspaper headlines for useless bits of daily fodder, I find myself ready to begin the next phase of my morning.  This will involve standing beneath a stream of warm water whilst cleansing myself of yesterday’s somewhat gamy accumulations.

The apartment itself could use a good scrub, but I’ll wait for later in the day when I will need to rest my mind from all the editing I have planned for the day.  I figure I have about 14 hours of consciousness ahead of me.  It will be satisfying to dedicate at least three of ’em towards some reading.

I saw a photo of Jazzy this morning on facebook.  I wanted to pick up the phone and call her, but she’ll be on her way to school.  Later perhaps.  I have this delicate balance between how much I allow myself to think about her.  Too much, and I come to feel tangibly the many miles between us – which only leads to frustration.

That’s about as far as I wish to go with that thought.

Time to focus on other things – more external things.  The day has much in store.

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