Free Falling into a Comfortable Routine

I don’t believe anyone will look back years from now and reminisce about the timeless memories of my 40th birthday party.  It was perfectly chilled out and just what I was hoping it would be.

Usually I find myself in a pub or bar somewhere, inviting anyone who’d care to join me.  This time Shauna was kind enough to donate her place, where I could invite a diverse bunch of my friends.  Most of those people had no business being in the same room together – they were all from different walks of my life.  I found this part especially satisfying.  It was great to sit back and watch ’em mingle with each other.

We had music.  We had snacks.  We had drinks.  We had a diverse and interesting group of people.  What more does one need?

I’m still in Regina by the way.  My return to Toronto has been delayed by logistics.  My cheque from Toronto was mailed on the 5th, and it still hasn’t shown up in my mom’s mailbox.  I’m not keen to leave with it still in transit somewhere.

This is not entirely a bad thing.  I have my work with me, so I can still be productive.  Jazzy and I are spending a lot of time together, and I’m getting a lot of bonus time in with friends whom I won’t see in a while.  Jazz and I crashed Chystene’s class at the University last night.  She was teaching ‘Visual Story Telling’ and I found it quite interesting.  Despite being nearly three hours long, Jazz was also getting a lot out of it.

Afterwards, Chrystene, Jazz and I got kicked out of the campus bar when Jazzy got carded.  I thought we’d be okay since Jazzy wasn’t drinking alcohol, but I was wrong.  Even so, I’m proud to have been a part of my 13 year-old daughter’s first barroom mishap.  She’s getting quite the education from our little adventures together.  Next time, the plan will be for her to sit at a table while Chystene and I fetch the drinks.

I am finding myself getting itchy to return to my life in Toronto.  My state of mind has slipped from being home on a holiday to being in a kind of existential purgatory.  Things are becoming almost routine here at mom’s.  It’s a nice comfortable inertia – the sort that comes with free falling from a great height.  Precautions must be taken to ensure the landing doesn’t come with too much of an uncomfortable thud.  The longer I stay in Regina, the longer I go without returning to MY life in Toronto.

There’s a TO birthday party to plan after all.

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