A Career Coffee Drinker

“You’d be a lot happier if you just stopped thinking about yourself so much.”

I had lunch with Linda yesterday.  A friend of hers said that to her a few years ago when she was complaining about how fat she thought her ass looked in a particular pair of jeans.  She passed the phrase along to me during our meal.  Not sure what brought it up.  Neither of us were complaining about anything, but it seemed an appropriate story at the time.

I certainly felt it blog worthy.  I think back to the year I just lived, and there definitely were times where I’d have been better served focusing my thoughts outwards, rather than dwelling on internal conflucktupifications.

As with the past, my year ahead holds much promise.  I want to write some scripts (and get paid for ’em).  It’s all a matter of making connections.  Barely scratched the surface so far.  Gonna have to remedy that.  So far, so good.

I had coffee with Rod Pedersen the other day.  We go back a few years.  Coffee with a friend.  Never meant for it to happen, but it did.  Business came about towards the end of our conversation.  He set up a meeting for me.  A couple days later I took it.  There might be a documentary afoot.

I’ve been having coffee with a few contacts, colleagues, connections, friends, and the like.  Everyone knows someone who knows someone, and everything leads to some potential something or other.  I’m not even trying to make things happen.  I’m just having a lot of conversations with a lot of different people.

If I can keep up this pace when I get back to Toronto, I wonder how many tentacles could be spawned that would touch career enabling unfoldings?  It remains to be seen.

For the moment, life is good.  I’m surrounded by blessings.  Let’s just keep things on that path.

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