Christmas Morning!

It’s Christmas morning.

I’m planning to do nothing productive all day long.  In fact, I’m going to revel in doing nothing productive all day long.  I’m going to talk to loved ones on the phone.  I’m going to send out warm thoughts.  I’m going to play cards with the family.  I’m going to stay inside all day long.  I’m probably going to skip my shower too.  Leave my hair messy.

I’m also going to make Jazzy laugh throughout the day.  We’ve had a great time so far.  She joined in on her first game of Canasta ever – and held her own.  We visited Shyanne, her boyfriend Travis, and her sister Lindsay for a few hours yesterday.  Had a great time. They told Jazzy stories about me from the family folklore – like the time I got drunk on Mike’s homemade beer when I was 17 and threw up all over the kitchen table.

Yesterday brought many memories that will last a lifetime.  I think my favourite was when Jazzy and I just sat on her bed together – just sitting, doing our own individual things, not talking, but being together.  I wrote Christmas cards while she played on the computer.  Exchanged the odd witty wittisism.  We spend so many thousands of miles apart most of the time, and suddenly we’re so close.  In many ways, we’re never that far apart.  She’s one of my best friends.

Earlier in the day we made homemade sausages with Grama.  Mom was there to take photos.  Four generations around a sausage grinder.  Some kind of a metaphor lurks in that image.  Not sure if it’s good or bad, but the homemade sausage we serve up at Christmas brunch is the best!

We opened presents last night.  I bought Jazzy a dress from a small shop in Kensington Market in Toronto.  It’s white, with a hoody, and a black print.  You could stare at that print all day and continue to see new things in it.  She loved it!  Very Toronto.  Wrapped her arms around me so tight, I couldn’t breathe.  Then she read the card I wrote for her, while sitting on the bed earlier.  Another big hug.

Some years Christmas comes and goes and it’s really ‘nice’.  This year, it feels so much more meaningful.  I’ve been missing home lately.  Being here with those who mean the most to me is the greatest gift of all.

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