The Odds of Starting My Day with Those Who Matter Most

Playing Canasta with the family signals the beginning of a holiday.  Men verses the Women.  After two hours of playing, all we needed was a damn 7 and we win.  Turn after turn, I kept looking at that stack of cards, working my best voodoo, juju, card magic, but to no avail.  Mom drew two of ’em right after my turn.  Women won.

The day was a nice mix of doing nothing and cutting video.  Finished my project and am now ready to invoice.  With a little luck, I might get to finish a second project before December 31.  That would be satisfying.

Enough about work stuff.  Jazzy flies in today at 4pm.  Brunch is right away and beers with Shawn doth beckon as well.  In two minutes I start the Bloody Mary Backgammon Tournament on FIBS.  It would be nice to win, but losing means I get to participate in all those other things I mentioned a bit sooner than later.

Update: My opponent rolled a 6-2 combination in the first game to get out from behind my 5 point prime and hit.  The odds of getting that exact roll are 1 in 18.  Guess it wasn’t my day for backgammon.  Just as well.

Time to get on with the stuff that really matters.

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