The Logistics of Being Home and Sociable

I am sitting in my mother’s living room, drinking coffee, and staring out the window.  Just got off the phone with Jamie, and I’m looking at the calendar, figuring out how I’m going to pack so much Regina into a limited number of Christmas and New Year’s type days.  It’s a wonderful problem to have.  So excited to be home.

The drive had its moments.  I75 in Michigan looked like a snow covered back alley – and drove like one too.  60 km/h was the best I could do in some spots.  As a result, after 12 hours of driving, I didn’t get as far down the road as I would have liked.  Spent the night in Marquette, Michigan, which forced me to drive 17 hours yesterday to make it home.  At least the weather was good for that part of the trek.

I brought Phillie with me so I could get some editing done while I’m here.  I figure the pace will be a little slower, but at least I can still earn a pay cheque while visiting.  It basically means that I can extend my stay to January 13th or 14th without feeling the need head back to TO.

There’s also a trip to Vancouver coming up on Dec 28th – which I’ll get into another time. The circumstances surrounding that trip are a colourful tale that deserve an article unto itself.  I will say that there are Vancouver friends whom I may have a brief opportunity to look up while I’m there.  More logistics to plan.  Again – nice problem to have.

My face is itchy from a lack of shaving.  My hair is tangled from too many days behind the wheel.  I have an edit suite to set up.  I have a shower to take.  I have friend dates to make.

It’s good to be home.

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