Simple seems to be working.

I track my hours, chart my progress, and provide myself with simple answers to questions about why I am where I am.  I’m at 33 hours and counting on one particular editing project.  I figure I need another 8 to wrap it up.  It would have been done by now, but I spent those 8 hours on Wednesday taking care of some other business.

I have a simple answer to the question of why I’m not done.  No need to beat myself up for it.  No desire to either.

Tracking my hours seems like a contradiction to my ‘go with the flow’ way of being, but I’m beginning to understand how measuring my time actually helps me flow.  It cuts down on unnecessary guilt.  It allows me to have better expectations for how much I can accomplish in a day.  It keeps me looking forward, where I can do something about the path I’m on, as opposed to looking back and filling my headspace up with regret.

It also allows me to make reasonable plans for Christmas.  I’m hitting the highway on December 21!  Got new tires on my car.  Got some social engagements to make before I leave.  Got a project to complete the moment I finish my current one.

It’s all doable and I’m looking forward to starting my holiday with a clean headspace free of regret.

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