It’s amazing how breaking everything down to the most basic essentials can do a headspace good.  I’ve been beating myself up because I’m not writing as much as I’d like.  Editing is paying the bills these days.

I decided to roll with it.

If I put in 20 days of editing per month, I can earn enough to write for the other 10 days of the month.  In time I can reverse that ratio as I continue to make more of a dent in this town with my writing.

My problem previously was mostly ego related.  I toiled behind my computer believing that I was better than the small corporate projects I was working on.  I’ve put my work on screens around the world.  I should be working on bigger and better things.

Problem is, bigger and better things come with gobs more effort and responsibility.  If I feel like my writing is suffering now, imagine how little I’d get done working towards green-lighting my own documentary & lifestyle projects.

I’m still on the fence to some degree, but I’ll let things settle for now.  In the meantime I’m going to be applying to the CFC’s various writing programs.  I’m going to peck away at my scripted projects.  I’m going to finish my novel.  I’m going to submit my plays to the various theatre companies calling for submissions.  I’m going to continue to reach out to other writing groups and organizations.  I’m going to do what I can, while doing everything I can to keep my days simple.

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