Live: On the Air, All the Way Back Home

Rod Pedersen asked me to report on the Toronto Argonauts Grey Cup rally last night, live, to the whole province of Saskatchewan, via his top-rated radio show.  It was one of my proudest moments!  You can listen to the broadcast here.

I gained a bit of notoriety when I went after one of his show’s regulars with my most recent column (also posted in my previous article).  I’m having a lot of fun doing articles for Grey Cup.  It’s giving me a wider audience, and my Grama totally got to hear me on the radio!

My ego is approximately huge right now.  Gonna let it air out a spell before I tuck it away. Egos deserve some respite too.

That last sentence was typed by my ego.

I’m still behind on everything, and I fear with all the Grey Cup stuff going on, I’m going to fall even further.  I haven’t touched the novel in two weeks.  Highwaymen needs a few more hours before it’s ready for pitching.  I have an editing project that needs at least a couple of full days to complete.  I’m trying not to be too down about it.

100th Grey Cup only comes around once, and I’m smack in the middle of it.  Without any sort of a plan, I’ve found myself being published on the top rated sports blog in Canada, and now recently, over the air on the top rated sports show in Saskatchewan.  With media access to every one of the over 50 events taking place during the festival, it would almost be irresponsible to sit at home and not be a part of it.

I have promised myself to make a concerted push beginning next week, whilst picking away at what I can this week.  That should bring me up to speed and get me ready for Christmas – when I can make whole new promises to myself about how I’ll work hard to get caught up on all the stuff I’m falling behind on.

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