Wednesday Damned Wednesday

Tuesday went well.  After publishing my last blog article, I made a sizeable dent into Highwaymen.  Something just clicked and I was able to see episode 40, distinct and separate from the pilot I wrote.  I was able to write about the characters’ story arcs from a much bigger perspective.  It helped that I spent time studying a pitch document that Ian sent me a few months ago.  I was able to see how he separated ideas for individual episodes from the big picture.  I followed the model faithfully.

Wednesday is where my week went off the rails.  It started off with me in a coffee shop on Dundas West writing an article for Rod Pedersen.  From there it went downhill.

I agreed to be a witness for Tino and Mary in a rental dispute they’re having with their former landlord.  The whole thing was supposed to take 30 minutes or so.  We wound up being stuck there until after 5pm.

When I got home, Frank knocked on my door, and we fell into an abusive relationship with some alcohol after that.  I went out with a couple of his friends.  My head didn’t hit the pillow until 3am.  Needless to say, Thursday took a beating as a result.  Friday was spent mopping up after Thursday, and today will be about catching up with Friday.

The Grey Cup Festival also ramps up this weekend.  I have full media access to all the events and I really need to stick my toe in those waters.  This next week will be a delicate balance between work and play.  I’m hoping the lessons from Wednesday onward will inform my decision making process as the next few days unfold.

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