Stratford Road Trip

I went to Stratford on Tuesday to hang out with my friend, Leah.  She makes her living as an actress/singer and we first met when she came over in the spring to participate in a table read of one of my scripts.  We’ve been meaning to get together ever since, but things never worked out.

Stratford is a major theatre community located about 2 hours outside Toronto.  I’ve been meaning to check the place out for some time, and Leah said now was a perfect time to see the place.  No tourists.

No plays either.

There was an auction however.  Turns out Leah is a bit of an auction junky.  Auctions also happen to be her chance to associate with non-theatre creatures.  She didn’t buy anything, but I picked up a bookshelf/desk unit for $20.  It seems I’m not done homing up my apartment.

Speaking of which, Leah is in the process of couching up her condo.  She seemed keenly interested in my own little couch adventure and with that in mind, we started moving furniture around in her living room.  We measured.  We imagined.  We pondered.  We experimented.  She’s ordering a new couch.

It was a full two hours before we decided to head out for some pre-dinner cocktails.  She took me to a place she’d always been meaning to try.  There was us, the bartender, and his sweetheart.  Alcohol fuelled conversation took up the next 90 minutes, and then we crossed the street to a pub for some grub.

I waxed poetic on the whole Grey Cup thing that’s coming up in three weeks.  Piqued Leah’s interest in fact.  She’s never been to a football game before so I decided to remedy that.

She’ll be in Toronto on Sunday to take in the Argos’ home playoff game with me.  The Riders are playing afterwards.  I’m thinking we’ll find a bar somewhere to take that one in.  I’m very excited.

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