Making Words Happen

I’m sitting in the 2nd Cup in the Jewish Community Centre on the corner of Bloor & Spadina.  Just finished a meeting with an artist named Mirra who asked me to help her with a couple of her projects.  I said yes.

I met her at the script reading last Monday – which was one of my motives for being involved in the reading in the first place.  Well, not her specifically.  Artist types in general.  Funny how that works.  Involve yourself in artsy type events, and you get to cross paths with artist types.

I’m out and about by the way.  Felt the bad juju shake itself loose at about 3am last night.  Still woke up with a headache, but my energy had returned.  Forced a couple tall glasses of water down then started editing.  Didn’t even bother with my morning sit and think routine.  Spent a whole day yesterday, sitting and thinking, so I indulged my burning desire to get stuff done.

I’m planning to spend an hour working on my novel after this, then I’ll head home for more editing. With a little luck, I’ll finish my current project tomorrow night (with payment to follow shortly thereafter).

Speaking of sitting and thinking, I had almost too much time to do that yesterday.  Eleven months ago I came to Toronto to focus on my writing career.  I’ve since completed one screenplay, one play, two episodes of one sitcom, and the pilot episode for Redshirts.  I’ve also worked a couple re-writes into Highwaymen.  

All of it is worth potentially millions in production, but none of it is paying the bills right now.  Part of me feels like I’m failing at the Toronto mission.  Perhaps I should focus on being a production company again.  I have interactive, lifestyle, and documentary projects that still have great potential.  Even had offers on two of them.  Do I take them?

Going into production will pay my bills, but it will lock me down into those projects for the next 15 months.  By the time they’re done, I’ll be right back where I started – trying to break into the industry writing fiction.

Right now, I got myself into a situation where I pick up someone else’s project, cut it, deliver it, then move on.  Takes less than a week per project.  I can be as busy, or not busy, as I choose.  It seems like a perfect situation, so long as I use the money to buy myself time to develop my writing career.

Here’s the problem.  I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve barely had time to write.  2,000 words in the last two weeks.  Not good enough by a long shot, no matter how hard I try to justify it to myself.

I think about the potential of my novel, and it kills me to think how long I am taking with it. I’m not expecting it to make me rich or anything, but it’s an hellova good story.  I just need to finish it, so I could put it out there – so I could get started on the next thing.

And actually, I think I just figured out what’s really bugging me.  I can’t start the next writing project until I finish my current one.  The longer I take with it, the longer I’ll take to get my career on track.

So here I am.  Sitting in a coffee shop, novel open, and long meandering blog article to wrap up.  There’s a few more hours left in the day.  Let’s make some words happen.

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