Chilling Story

On Friday night I picked up my next project from Images, hung out for a bit, and then set off for a coffee shop to write.  I’m pushing 13,000 words on the novel now.  Not great progress, but steady nonetheless.

They’re happy with my work.  They said I have a distinct style which comes off a refreshing.  They’re even talking about using my stuff as demo material to new clients.  I’m just happy to be paying my bills doing something I’m good at, and actually enjoy.

I also took in the Argo game at Rogers Centre on Friday night.  The team furnished me with two tickets on the 50 yard line.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to take the second seat.  The perils of last minute planning.

From the game I walked to a pub on King West that was hosting inkDrinks.  Room full of writers, half working, half looking to break in.  I stayed for a pint, passed out some business cards and set off for home.

Took me over two hours.  I got on the streetcar, which drove a block then went out of service.  Long wait for the next one, so I hopped onto one heading North.  It drove two blocks then went out of service.  The wait for the next one was long.

Oh.  And it was raining.

By the time I got to Roncesvalles, two hours had passed.  When I attempted to board the next street car, the driver kicked me off because my transfer was 2 hours old.  I proceeded to bombard him with many colourful words, then walked for 20 minutes to Dundas West Station.  The toll booth attendant stopped me half way through my sob story and let me through without paying.

I woke up Saturday with a sore throat.  Knew something bad was coming.  Today I finally rolled out of bed at 5pm, and I feel like heading back soon.  Can’t bare the thought of staying in bed all day though.  I have conceded to the idea of NOT doing any work today, writing or otherwise.  I’ve been putting in long hours and perhaps my body is just forcing me into a bit of a break.

This will pass.  I can feel it.  My head stopped throbbing and the chills have left.  Gonna put on a movie now.

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