Home Cooking (Sorta)

I spent the weekend in Kingsville, ON, just northeast of Windsor.  Mom, Grama, Dave and Papa had flown in for Papa’s 95th birthday.  His family is out this way, hence the NOT Saskatchewan location.

I ate Romanian cabbage rolls all day weekend long, played cards, and rode in the back seat next to Grama and Papa en-route to various kitchen tables dispersed throughout the Windsor area.  I even went to church for the first time since Easter last year.

I felt like a kid again.

By Monday morning, I was keen to return to my grown-up life.  Deadlines did beckon and off to the highway I went – but not before securing a motherload of cabbage rolls first.  I ate the last one last night.

It’s been good to be home.  Editing.  Writing.  Sitting in front of my place drinking coffee and watching the world go by.  Ahhhhh home.

I also participated in a script reading.  Remember the feature film I got myself involved with?  I was asked to record the reading for the writer’s reference.  There was a gynormous cast, and and even bigger audience.  I handed out business cards for the first time since I had them printed.  Lots of good contacts were made – one from the CFC, the holy grail of writing schools.  Gotta remember to remind myself to not to forget to recollect to follow-up with ’em all.

I’ll be finishing the first cut of this project for Images Post today.  Excited about that.  I’ll also be shipping InJustice to the New York broadcaster who purchased it last week.  After that, I feel like I got about a thousand words in me that I can contribute to the novel.

The day has much promise.

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