Rocking at 4 Frames Per Second

Today was a motley kind of day.  It started with Frank fixing my toilet.  It was never bolted into place, so it kind of rocked whenever I sat on it.  Not an entirely unpleasant sensation, but certainly cause for concern.  Every toilet I’ve ever been acquainted with had certain things in common with every other toilet I’ve ever been acquainted with.  Rocking was never one of them – though I am reminded of that song by The Clash – ‘Rock the CrappA’

After a quick shower I was out the door, bound for Canamedia with an episode of InJustice loaded onto a hard drive.  A New York based broadcaster just purchased the world-wide non-exclusive rights to the series.  They wanted to ensure for themselves that the episodes were formatted as ProRes RS 422 (HQ) QuickTimes – which they are.  Canamedia made the sale for me, and are handling the transaction.

From there I walked six blocks on King Street West to Image Post, where I’m shooting and editing the TedEX video.  It feels good to just hang out in their studio.  They’re a good bunch of people and I seem to fit in well with them.  It was my intention to hang out there and read the script to that feature film I involved myself with a couple weeks back.  Instead, I fell into a bit of troubleshooting with one of their projects.  Wasn’t mine, but I stepped in anyway.  Couldn’t help myself.  Made me feel like I was back in Regina at Dacian.

The shoot for TedEX went well.  I talked the Image folks into using the 4fps technique I used on InJustice, Urban Future, and Crimes of the Art.  They’d never seen anything like that before (no one has).  Makes me feel like I have an ace up my sleeve – I know how to do something that no one else does.

It’s now the end of the day, and I’m writing this from a place on Spadina called ‘The Red Lounge’.  Great prices.  Pub atmosphere.  I took a moment to sit back in my seat on their patio to watch the city go by.  Here I am, living and working in Toronto.  Finally after so many months of knocking on the door, things are starting to open up for me.

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