Word Count

Things are well.  Thanks for asking.

The novel is coming along.  I’m knocking on the door of ‘10,000 Word’ land.  I plan to write a couple more scenes today and that will put me over.  Story wise, I’m about three scenes passed the Inciting Incident and heading towards The Point of No Return.  Exciting times.

The trick I find, is to pace myself.  I’m good for about 90 minutes at a time, and then I start to feel like I’m forcing the words out.  I think it’s good to push myself, but I definitely can tell the difference between procrastinating and genuinely needing a break.

Daily goals are good too.  I’ve been setting goals of 1,000 words, and 1,500 words per day, depending on how much time I have.  Never met a target once.  About 650 – 800 words are my natural pace.

I’ve come to the conclusion that word count is a terrible barometer by which to measure my progress.  What is ‘1,000 words’ anyway?  It does nothing to promote good writing.  Instead, I’ve turned to setting a goal for how many scenes I could write in a day.  Scenes are a much better measure of progress.  I know when I’m done.

It’s better for the headspace too.  Instead of pouring myself into the novel, writing one or two great scenes, and then feeling like I let myself down because I’m 150 words short of my goal, I can now wrap things up with a much greater sense of accomplishment.

The novel’s good too methinks.  Really good.  I can’t wait to show to start showing it to people.  Those who read my stuff regularly (including this blog), will find it familiar, yet still be a story and a form that is completely new.

That’s it for now.  Gotta save these words for other spaces.

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