Not Waiting For the Phone to Ring

Last week I spent most of my time occupying myself with odd tasks while staring at the phone waiting for a call. There still hasn’t been any news, but I was not enjoying pinning so much of my happiness on a single moment in time that has yet to arrive.  Over the weekend I got back to something more balanced.

In the last three days I’ve written a 2nd draft of Redshirts and a 7th draft of Highwaymen. I resumed putting them out the door, sending emails and making phone calls.  My headspace feels better.  Writing and moving my projects along are things I have control over.  There’s just no guarantees about when they might green light, if ever.

I still want this producer gig.  I put my best foot forward.  I am prepared to place my projects on the back-burner for 10 months while I commit to being a part of someone else’s team.  I have much to give, and even more to learn from that situation.  Nothing but good things will come of it.

Life doesn’t stop moving for one single thing.  Writing for the Argonauts netted me two tickets to Monday’s game at Rogers Centre.  Jazzy and I wound up sitting with some ex-players.  One is the head of the CFL Player’s Alumni Association.  With my recent article being published in, he mentioned he might be interested in having me do some writing for him as well.  We exchanged contact info.

Another former player, Michael Collymore, brought Jazzy and I along with him to the HSBC VIP section of the stadium.  He had an invitation and was welcome to bring guests.  I wound up watching part of the game with John Bowen, play-by-play man for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I exchanged contact info with him and one other person I met.  Maybe we can find ways to work together down the road.  At the very least, they may know people who know people who could open doors for me, should I ever need them opened.

Afterwards, Jazzy and I went down to field level.  The Argonauts let their fans onto the turf after games to take in a perspective of the stadium that most other fans could only dream of.  We watched the roof close, snapped photographs, and just kind of took things in.

When I woke up that morning, I never dreamed my day would unfold the way it did. All I did was smile, shake some hands, put myself out there, and let things unfold. I feel like I’ve been taking that same approach with everything else I’ve been up to this week.

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