Published In The Meantime

It’s been an interesting week.

On Tuesday I very nervously interviewed Matt Devlin, play-by-play man for the Toronto Raptors about a football story for the Argonauts.  Devlin’s done NFL, Big 10 Football, Major League Baseball, and of course NBA.  An incredible resume and there I was, making a feeble journalistic attempt to interview him.  Talking to him wasn’t really the intimidating part – transcribing his quotes correctly was my main concern.

I spent a few hours afterwards writing the article, and then submitted it the next morning to the Argos Admirals blog.  I was informed the next day that was picking up the story, and this morning I just found out that is running it!  I am now published on two major Canadian Football news sites!  Fuck yeah!

Here’s a link to the article;

I also found out this week that my screenplay, That Moment In Between, made the quarterfinals in Scriptapaluza, a Hollywood scriptwriting competition.  I was selected out of 4,700 other writers.

On the flip side, I am still awaiting word on the Producer gig.  My second interview went well, but I’ve yet to see how well.  I’m anxious.  I’m nervous.  It’s a bit difficult to make plans for the time being – which is par for the course for me.  The big difference seems to be how heavily it’s weighing on me.  I really want this gig and I can’t seem to bring myself to make contingency plans.

I’ve spent my time instead finishing the editing for McKenzie’s short film and tweaking the one-sheet for RedShirts.  I’ve set today aside to do a bit of writing.

We’ll see how the next few days goes.

2 thoughts on “Published In The Meantime

    • Thanks for reading. Sitting down to write is relatively easy. Putting it out there is really hard. Feels like I’m close to something though. Stay tuned!


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