Important Balls

I’m sitting outside a coffee shop on Queen St. E. waiting for Mel to get out of the bathtub so we can start our trek north.  I don’t mind.  Gives me time to write.  She had to go into work this morning for a meeting, so it’s not like she was being unorganized or anything.

This trip will mark my first venture outside Toronto since I moved here.  Road trips homewards don’t count.  It comes at a good time.  Cell service, wifi, and electricity may be hard to come by.  I’ll be left alone with my thoughts in the wilderness – with a bunch of Saskatchewan folk.  Doesn’t look like Rachel and Waylon are coming by the way.  Thought you might be on the edge of your seat wondering.

I’m starting to find some clarity with all the shiny objects floating about.  Each one is a ball in orbit and all I have to do is accept that it’s there.  It will be there for as long as I make it a part of my universe and if it’s important, its existence will be justified.  If it’s not, I need to let go.  Turns out, there’s not a lot of unimportant balls orbiting my life at the moment.  That’s a good thing at least.

Life alternates between moments of activity and passivity.  I’ve been pushing those balls around hard.  Working up a sweat.  This weekend will give me a chance to be still and see how they move.

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