Industrious Shiny Objects

Trying to feel the difference between being distracted by shiny objects, and being industrious is challenging.  In the last week I’ve taken several meetings with an aim towards a variety of outcomes.  I wrote a play.  I taught a workshop.  Opened a new workshop venture.  Wrote a few articles for the Argonauts.  Saw those articles being picked up and retweeted by 3rd parties I’ve never heard of.  Set up further meetings.  Drilled deeper into RedShirts.  Researched over 6 dozen Chicago theatre companies and then sent Dick to a handful.  Designed and distributed posters and handbills to promote my new venture.  Wandered aimlessly.

I came to Toronto with clarity.  Meet as many people as possible.  Write.

I’m now feeling like I need to keep as many of my options open as possible.  There’s a lot of opportunities here.  There are also a lot more people looking to take those opportunities.  I still have more people to meet and doors to crack open.  People are impressed with me.  I just need to keep pushing.

In the meantime, a camping trip doth beckon.  I’m picking up Mel tomorrow morning and we’re heading up north to Killbear where Trenna, Alden, Sharon, and Jerry will meet us.  A Saskatchewan reunion of sorts.

I should call Rachel and Waylon.

Alright.  On with the day!

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