With A Camera In My Hand

I’m just finishing up lunch with Tang.  It was her birthday on Friday so the meal is on me.  Happy Birthday!

Last night I taught another photography workshop.  Six hours of wandering Toronto’s sites and sounds with a camera in my hand while teaching someone how to see light the way a camera does.  We did some nice daylight stuff, played with reflections off windows and water puddles.  We shot in harsh light, diffused light, low light, and found light.  I enjoyed the later the best.  Cities look better when they’re lit up at night.

Tonight the Riders host the BC Lions.  I’m looking to round up some Rider fans here in TO to watch the game.  I’m so excited.  Football season = the beginning of summer to me.  I devour every game, and not just those featuring Roughriders.  Stayed up last night until 2am watching a replay of the Toronto/Calgary game, and I spent Friday watching Hamilton, BC, Winnipeg and Montreal play.

Jazzy’s ticket to Toronto is booked for July 17.  I can’t wait to show her Toronto in the summer.  There are so many festivals, and places to see.  Might as well take her around whilst sporting a camera in my hand.

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